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Countdown To Christmas: The Art Of The Apology

Ever lose your temper and just not know the right way to apologize or even if you should? Then The Art Of The Apology is the book for you.  This guide will show you how to make an effective apology in any situation – at work, at home (aff), or in life, and offers practical advice on how to recover from mistakes and restore good relationships.  This book has great advice to figuring out why you are apologizing at all (what is your goal for your apology) and what you need to do before you apologize (like how far will you go to make amends).  Those are just the first two chapters!  You will also learn the six essential elements to an effective apology, when to apologize, the most common ways to screw up an apology and how to avoid them, how to accept an apology and learning from your apologies.  This makes a great gift for young people who are about to go off to college, adults at any stage of their careers, or anyone who could use a little help learning to apologize.

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