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Countdown To Christmas: The Hidden World Of Fairies

With the new Tinkerbell movie that has come out, fairies are now very popular again. Madison's room is actually Tinkerbell themed, so we are all about fairies here. This is one of the most unique books out there. It is written along the lines of it being a journal rather than a book. This isn't Tinkerbell's journal either — this is Wendy's.  This is about Wendy's journey to Pixie Hollow (which is where the fairies live).   On one page of the journal, there is a popout that is the map of Pixie Hollow.  Throughout the journal, we get to learn about all different kinds of fairies, and we also learn that each fairy has a different kind of magic.  Almost every page has something for the reader to do.  The Hidden World Of Fairies is a book that is great for any little (or even older) girl who likes fairies.

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