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Countdown To Christmas: The Kids Bookstore

Do you remember all those classic books we had as a kid?  Well, The Kids Bookstore has taken these loved books and made them even better!  How do you ask?  They take the book of your choice (and they have a ton to pick from and most of the classics that I remember.  There is even The Night Before Christmas.) and make it into a hardcover book.  They then take the first page of the book (even before the title page) and put a printed dedication.  This includes the child's name, a meaningful blurb that you write to the child, and a photo that you give them.  If you are lucky (depending on the book), this dedication may even show up on the inner back of the hardcover.  This definitely gives the book a personal touch.  If you have more than one child, this should also help you to keep track of whose book it really is.

For the kid who has everything, a personalized book is something they most likely don't have.  I know my daughter would love to see her picture in a book.  The books offered cover a wide range of ages — from 2 (aff) to 9.  You can find everything from the classics like Wind In The Willows and Alice in Wonderland to newer titles like Pinkalicious.  Reading is a gift we must pass onto our children, and this is a great way to pass that on.

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