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Countdown To Christmas: The Whistle On The Train

I love The Whistle on the Train!  This is a must have book for everyone!  Remember the “wheels on the bus” song?  Well, this book is just like that!  You'll read (sing) the “the whistle on the train goes whoo whoo whoo” and “the wheel on the train go clackety clack” and “the gates at the crossing go ding ding ding”.  Not only does it teach your child about trains, it is a pop up book!  They get to see in a 3D format what the train looks like and how they operate (to a degree).  My one year old giggle and says “ohhhhhhhh” every time you turn the page in the his book.  It is one of the most unique books out there.  My four year old likes it, because well, we sing the story.  She knows the “wheels on the bus” song, so changing the words a bit hasn't phased her at all.  This book is hours of fun, so I hope you'll be putting it under your tree this Christmas.

One thought on “Countdown To Christmas: The Whistle On The Train

  1. I need that book! lol We've gone through three copies of the Wheels On The Bus pop-up, every one of my kids has just loved it. Never knew there was a train version!

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