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Countdown To Christmas: Tim And Sally's Beach Adventure

Another great children's book to get this holiday season is Tim and Sallys Beach Adventure. The first thing you will notice that the lines in the his book rhyme. I think that helps keep my kids attention, because they really like this book. Madison is always talking about going to the beach, so reading about the beach was right up her alley.  This is not a long book.  However, it is broken up into sections such as “They Get Started” and “They Are In Sight of The Beach”, so you can easily break down this story into several sections (and several nights of reading).  You get to read about swimming in the ocean, the animals that inhabit the beach, the tide, and sandcastle just to name a few things.  I really like the word list at the end of the book.  It has a pictures of key things in the story like bathing suits and crabs.  Then underneath the picture they have the word.  Since we are working with Madison with reading and sounding out, this is perfect for us.  It makes it a lot easier for her to sound out the word if she has a clue (aff) what the word is.

If you want a great story, Tim And Sallys Beach Adventure is a book you need to get at your house.  Mom and dad will enjoy it just as much at the kids.

One thought on “Countdown To Christmas: Tim And Sally's Beach Adventure

  1. Lisa,
    Thank you so much for reviewing both of Grady Thrasher's books in your Christmas Countdown. We are now getting into the season for both Tim and Sally's Vegetable Garden and Tim and Sally's Beach Adventure. These books provide fun that kids can identify with.

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