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Countdown To Christmas: Tree of Life Pendants

The Tree of Life has many meanings to many people. There are stories about trees that produce peaches every 3,000 years that give you immortality if you eat it and trees that connect the underworld. There are also more realistic things concerning trees including global warming and the destruction of forests. We often forget that trees benefit the environment, and provide us food and medicines. “What better symbol of our world, of life itself, than a tree – to remind us and inspire us to do all we can to protect our environment,” says Paula Brooks, owner and designer at Alef Bet. “Many of us do small acts to improve things each day, from carpooling to using cloth totes at the market. I wanted to create something that is fashionable and is a reminder about taking care of our planet.”  These Tree Of Life pendants are not only pretty but also lets you where your heart on your sleeve errrr neck.

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  1. I love this pendant. I like the idea of wearing something around your neck that has a meaning specific to you. You can make it anything you want to, it doesn't have to be what someone else says. There are so many stories, myths and meanings to trees for individuals that this would make an ideal gift and can be something meaningful.

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