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Countdown To Christmas: WheeGo

If you have kids like mine who love hide and seek and treasure hunting, you have to get WheeGo for them. It is hide and go seek to the extreme. Madison absolutely loves it, but because she is only four, we have to help her along.  There is reading involved, and we haven't learned how to do that yet.

The first thing she loves is that when you are the captain, you get to wear a sticker on your shirt that says Caption WheeGo.  The Captain then takes the clue (aff) cards and the treasure card out and follows the directions about where to hide them.  The character card then tells you where to find the first clue (aff).  From there, each card you find helps you to find the next clue and so on.  Finally, the last clue will lead you to the treasure where you will find more stickers (which is always a huge plus!  I love that this opens up their creativity, and you can easily make up more cards to keep the game going for older kids.  Each quest is designed to help your child develop sequential thinking skills, build confidence, and reveal the value of self initiation.

This game is an awesome stocking stuffer, and you will be amazed at how much fun you can having playing this with your children!

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