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Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Sony Mylo

myloIf you didn't buy your sweetie a Sony Mylo for Christmas, then this is a must have for Valentine's Day.  I absolutely love mine.  As many of you know, I will be attending a ton of conferences this year.  I do have a laptop (aff), but even with the laptop (aff) bag, it gets incredibly heavy.  I hate always having to bring it with, since I need to get on the internet far less time than I spend lugging it around.  However, the Sony Mylo solves this problem for me.  I have all the features of my laptop in this.  I love it!

What can you do with a Sony Mylo?  Tons!  My family and I (I think) have used almost every feature on here.  Now, Madison (my five year old) can even figure this out, so it is quite user friendly.  Unlike your cell phone, where you may have limited web browsing, the Mylo allows you to be able to use sites like YouTube, Facebook, and you can even play Flash games!  You can instant message pretty much anyone too.  It is compatible with AOL®, Yahoo!®, Google™ and Skype®.  The Sony Mylo also comes with cool little widgets.  These little gadgets allow you to do google searches and even include a Facebook notifier.  The Mylo even has a 1.3 (aff) megapixel camera.  You are able to take pictures, edit them right on the Mylo, and post them directly to your blog!  You can also listen to MP3, ATRAC, WMA (Secured and Un-Secured) and now AAC codecs.  You can even play your music while you surf the web or are IMing people.  It also have a video player that allows you to watch MPEG4s along with the improved video quality of MPEG4 AVC.

I can't wait to attend my next conference with my Sony Mylo in purse.  It will be so much nicer than having to lug my big huge laptop around!

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14 thoughts on “Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Sony Mylo

  1. It sounds very useful Lisa. My only problem is I'd still try to carry my computer bag as well as the Milo!

  2. This looks like what I've been looking for. I looked at the new Blackberry Storm, but they want as much or more for monthly, as what I pay for service at home. I just want something that will allow me to be more productive, while at work. I know that sounds strange, but I'm a job coach with Autistic adults. I mostly just watch them work… They have their routine and know their jobs. So, I have a fair amount of down time where I could be more productive, instead of have to do it all when I get home! 🙂

  3. Can this only be gotten online? Can you let us know if there are any stores to get this at. I checked at Circuit City and they acted like they hadn't heard of it!

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