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Country Inn and Suites

Last weekend, I had a girl's getaway at the County Inn and Suites.  I spent the day shopping.  I went and had a great dinner at Maggiano's.  I also went and saw The Men Who Stare At Goats.  (Interesting movie, let me tell you).  I also got to spend the night at the Country Inn and Suites.  I love this hotel.  Bill and I actually stayed in a Country Inn and Suites on the night we got married.  However, the room I got to stay in was way better.  Want to see why?

Needless to say, I loved these features in my room.  Oh yeah, my other favorite things had to be the FREE wifi in the room.  I'm finding that lots of hotels don't offer that anymore, and I love hotels that do.  Country Inn & Suites also had a great pool and fitness room too.  Something I do love about them is that their lobbies feel so homey.  I just love their look.  Our hotel had freshly made popcorn waiting for us in the lobby (and let me tell you how yummy it smelled).  What did I enjoy the most though?

I didn't have to share a nice big bed with two little kids who like to sprawl themselves out!  Thank you Country Inn & Suites for a great woman's getaway!

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8 thoughts on “Country Inn and Suites

  1. My wife and kids stayed at a Country Inn in Orlando last year and i have to agree with you. It was one of the nicest hotels i have ever stayed at. This hotel offered wifi as well but i am kind of disappointed we didn't get any popcorn!

  2. Interesting article and even more appealing was pictures. mustcome quite handy to several people planning a trip over there.

  3. I have never even looked at this hotel chain before. I had no idea they had rooms this nice. Thank you for the review and photos. I'll definitely be putting this chain on my radar the next time I need a hotel room.

  4. Sounds like a really relaxing weekend! I stayed in a Country Inn on a business trip last year and also had a comfortable stay (and the wi-fi in the room was a great thing!). Thanks for sharing your photos and reflections!

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