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Crazy Critters

Daisy's Crazy Critter is her favorite toy.  As you can tell from my photo on the left, this is a toy that she goes crazy with.  Crazy Critters are a stuffing free plush toys.  They have squeakers on both end and are stuffing free. The raccoon we have lays flat, so it doesn't take up much room no matter where it is.  It is also hand washable, so it can be washed whenever needed (I've had to wash ours already, and it looks just as good as it did before I washed it).  Crazy Critters come in both raccoons and foxes.  Since Daisy is still teething, she loves to chew everything.  It is nice to have the piece of mind that this isn't going to be torn to shreds with stuffing everywhere.

A Crazy Critter will give your dog hours of fun.  If you are looking for a great toy for your dog, I would have to recommend one of these!

3 thoughts on “Crazy Critters

  1. I think crazy critters is the best solution for my problem with my dog. My dog is very playful, the day doesn't end without having anything torn. At first it was okay but now it is like a nuisance. I'd better get one of the crazy critters before everything gets torn at home.

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