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Crazy End Of The Year

I know all of you moms out there know what I am talking about.  It is that time of the year again where instead of looking for new medical nursing scrubs for your job, you are instead trying to reschedule your kids activities, because they all now have extra meetings and such.  Plus, it's going to be eighty degrees here today in Chicago.  As it gets warmer, my kids get nuttier.  They feel the need to drive me insane and climb the walls.  After our insane day yesterday, we didn't get home till almost 9 pm (my kids go to bed at 8 pm normally), and they were still so wound up that they ran around the yard almost 20 minutes with the dog.  And they were still hyper!

However, in all this busyness, I try not to lose sight of the fact that in less than a month I'm going to have a 2nd grader!  Man, that makes me feel old.  (Will has another year of preschool since he is only 3.  He won't turn 4 till June).  I even already signed them up for summer camp before they bored!  (Plus, it's a great program.  Madison's been in it for 2 years already.  I've got her signed up for Day camp and Will signed up for Kiddie Camp.  She'll go M-W-F, and he goes T-R.  It'll be a fun 6 weeks this summer).

How are you, my readers, dealing with the end of the year craziness?  Are your kids ready for school to be done?

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