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Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse Update

Now that I have been using Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse for a month now, it is time for an update on my thoughts.  Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse is suppose to give you six benefits in one rinse, for a more complete way to get better dental checkups (vs. brushing alone):

  • Rebuilds Teeth Enamel
  • Helps Prevent Cavities
  • Cleans Teeth & Gums
  • Kills Bad Breath Germs
  • Freshens Breath
  • No Burn of Alcohol

To me, it tasted like mouthwash.  It wasn't something that tasted so good that I wanted to drink it.  However, it wasn't so bitter that I couldn't wait to spit it out.  I do agree that it didn't burn, and it definitely freshened my breath.  My daughter often asked me to breath on her after I used it, so she could smell my minty breath (she's weird like that.  She does it to me after she brushes her teeth in the morning with her Kids Crest).   As for building enamel and less cavities, we'll find that out at my next dentist appointment.  However, I've recently had a ton of cavities filled, so I definitely need help  in that department!

Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse is a mouthwash we will probably continue to use in my house.

I wrote this while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

2 thoughts on “Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse Update

  1. I feel like Crest is one of the best mouth washes out there right now. I agree that it tastes bad enough to not drink, but good enough to use. I recommend this product to all of my patients that undergo many types of oral surgery.

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