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Little Critter Where Is My Frog?

I remember reading Little Critter when I was younger and now it's back for my kids! It's great when beloved characters are able to come back for our kids to enjoy.

Little Critter Where Is My Frog? is about Little Critter taking his pet frog to the lake with him.  While they are on their fishing trip, they lose the frog.  The rest of the book is about looking in all the places that the frog could have gone.  Each page has a flap for you kids to pull up while looking for the frog.  Even after locating the frog, you will find that your kids want to read and search over and over and over again.

My kids loved this book, and I can recommend it for the little reader in your life.

One thought on “Little Critter Where Is My Frog?

  1. It seems like many books like this when I was young are making a comeback. I've seen movies or previews for both where the wild things are and the giving tree.

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