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Croc Capers Giveaway!

I am always on the lookout for age appropriate books for Madison. She is at the age whereas her homework is reading (she even has to read 8 books this summer), so I love when I can find books that she can read. The Bindi Wildlife Adventures series is a great series of books that allows your kids to tag along with Bindi Irwin on a great adventure.

Croc Capers starts with Bindi and her family on their annual trip to study crocodiles. The nature reserve is a beautiful place, but vvith all the crocodiles around, it can be dangerous too. So when Bindi and Robert stumble upon a mysterious campsite, they decide to check it out. Are the campers in trouble—or up to no good?

Madison enjoyed this book and recommended it. She is also a fan of all things reptile, so Croc Capers was a good fit for her. I love that there is whole series of books for her to enjoy too! I also love how well this book gets kids into animal conservation also by raising their awareness of animals they don't encounter every day.

Since I think this is a great series of books, I have arranged for one reader to win all 7 books in the BINDI WILDLIFE ADVENTURES series! Here's what you need to do:

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