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Cut me a break please

A lot you know that I have had a ton of drama this past week (if you don't, I'll be blogging about it shortly). Well, today, my laptop (aff) decided to blow up. It is sitting at a repair shop as we speak. I am waiting to find out what is wrong and if it is fixable, so I probably won't be posting much.

4 thoughts on “Cut me a break please

  1. hello, i'm new here. i'm kinda curious what that drama is… hmph. haha

    all the best to you and good luck!


  2. Bummer about your laptop. I'd recommend getting a mac if you have to replace yours; I love mac! (Wouldn't I feel dumb if the one that just melted down on you was a Mac?) Good luck!

  3. So sorry! Our laptap wont connect to the internet now and we had to go buy a desktop (we got a really good deal on it!) but I wasn't able to blog for a while.

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