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Dance Pocoyo Dance!

Beginning August 1 through August 31, parents can receive an all-new Pocoyo DVD – Dance Pocoyo Dance!–with the purchase of 10 Langers Juices (plus $1.99 shipping and handling), while supplies last! And for my house, any DVD of Pocoyo is must. Will is absolutely in love with Pocoyo. Personally, I think is our busy world, it is the simplicity of it all.

The Dance Pocoyo Dance! encourage kids to get up and dance, jump, and have fun for hours. The music provides high-energy participation, and Pocoyo and his animal friends, Elly the elephant, Pato the duck, and Loula the dog, add to the excitement. Kids can quench their thirst with Langers Juice after dancing with Pocoyo while watching Dance Pocoyo Dance!. Langers Juice, in kid-friendly juice flavors like orange, red grape, white grape, grape with vitamin C, and pineapple, are available nationwide at retailers including WalMart, Albertsons, Econo Foods, Food 4 Less, Lucky, Market Basket, Miners, Ralphs, Smart & Final, Sprouts, and Staters, among others.

Will loved dancing along with Pocoyo and your kids will too!

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