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The Dance Shop Inc Birthday Parties

“Mom, that was the best birthday party ever”. You know you've scored when your daughter tells you that after her friends birthday party. I try to do new things with Madison's birthday every year. However, I need it to be affordable, indoors (since her birthday is in January), and fun. This year I struck gold.

Madison's birthday party this year was held at The Dance Shop Inc in Chicago Ridge. This is a full fledge dance studio — they have classes for yoga, zumba, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, and Tap. The do have something for everyone. However, their birthday parties are the best. For up to 12 girls (or kids), you get 45 minutes of dances instruction and then an hour to eat, open presents, etc for $200. In Chicagoland, that is a darn good deal. The birthday girl gets a special tiara to wear also. You get to decide on the theme of the party: Ballet or Hip Hop. Now, Madison picked Ballet (which surprised me). Here's a peak at what her party looked like:

Now, except for our niece Ava, all the girls go to school together. They can be a loud rambunctious bunch. However, for the dance portion of their party, we never heard the girls. They listened and learned. I can't tell you how impressed I was. I don't think we (that is, the moms that stayed with me) have ever heard our girls that quiet all together ever. The really kept the girls on task and interested in what they were doing. They also didn't let the kids not participate and really kept the girls engaged. They added tutus in for some of the dancing too. I did purchase the tiaras and wands from them for the girls (at an awesome price might I add). The last dance they did (which incorporated everything they learned) they used the tiaras and wands. It was cute, and they were good!

I can only recommend The Dance Shop Inc for both dance classes and birthday parties. (And I'm not the only one who thinks so since 2 (aff) of the moms signed their daughters up for classes after the party!). I'm glad to say our birthday party at The Dance Shop Inc was a rousing success!!!

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  1. What a great concept!

    It's also a nice reminder (especially to parents who feel pressured into holding holding overblown, expensive parties beyond their means) that smaller activities can be just as effective if they're full of fun and novelty.

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