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The Dance Shop Inc. – Madison’s Birthday Party!

I am so excited. The kids and I booked Madison's birthday party last night (yes, I know her birthday isn't until January. However, I'm anal. I look to book things early. I mean I've already talked to the caterer for Madison's first communion which isn't until May. Yes, I know I am crazy).

I have been trying to decide what to do for Madison's birthday.  When your girl turns 8, it is incredibly hard to find something that is affordable yet fun for the girls!  Madison, who has never taken a dance class in her life, does love to dance around the house, so when we got the flier in her school backpack (many local businesses will give the school things to throw in the kids backpacks.  I don't mind at all, and it introduces us to new businesses in the area), I knew what we were going to do for her birthday party.  Yes, we booked a party at The Dance Shop.

I got to meet with the owner last night, and she was sooo nice.  They host birthday parties for 12 girls for $200 (it is $5 for every girl after that), and you get a choice of a Hip-Hop party or Ballet.  Madison went with Ballet (which was surprising since I guess most girls her age go with Hip-Hop).  She is so excited.

I love that we are able to help support a local business.  When I was talking about this on Facebook, I've already got a couple moms interested in checking them out for lessons.  Since this place is very close to Madison's school, I am glad that the moms get to check them out.  As for lessons, they have ballet, hip-hop, zumba (I guess these classes are pretty busy!), tap, jazz, and ballroom (think I can get Bill in for this one?).  (You can check out their class schedule here if you are interested.)

I am so glad to be working with them on Madison's birthday party!  If you are in the Chicago south suburbs, The Dance Shop Inc. is definitely worth checking out!  You can also walk in and register any time you want!

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