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Dancing Sensation

This video is absolutely awesome.  I can only wish that when I am in my 80's I can dance as well as this woman (make sure you watch beyond the first song). Heck, in my 30s, I don't dance this well!

5 thoughts on “Dancing Sensation

  1. I remember watching the broadcast of the carnival parade from brazil, and they had the different dance schools have their whole troupe dancing along in the parade. well, one of the floats had a lady on it or in front of it and she was dancing with a daughter and others and the announcer said she was the one "The Girl from Impanema" was written about. Um…that some was written 46 years old and if that girl was of the age of consent then…she didn't LOOK like she could possibly be 60 or older. But the more power to her.

  2. Wow !! She puts 20 year olds to shame. Thanks for including the line about make sure you watch past first song. That was a normal one.. but it gets more and more interesting later.

    She must be VERY strong in order to pull those lifts. The finale was good.

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