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I am taking Madison to her first dental appointment on Thursday. Yeah, yeah — I know I should have done this ten months ago, and I have just been putting it off. I have dental insurance, so I am not sure what I was waiting for. I set it up with Bill's mom to take Will while we go and do this. I am a little worried she is going to freak out.

I have had several jobs that dental insurance was never even an option. I cannot imagine have the dental work that Bill has done or the dental work I need without a dental insurance plan or sort of discount dental plans. A discount dental plan allows you to get discounts at predetermined dental offices. For example, a couple of years ago, Bill had to get the veneers on his two front teeth. When he was six, a 13 year old girl kicked them out. He had the veneers put on then, and they lasted for quite a long time. The price also went up considerably since he was six. Even with insurance, the bill to us over $500. I can only imagine if you have nothing. My dental insurance yearly costs double (and does not cover much) than the cheapest plan for the discount dental plans over at DentalPlans.com. The discount plan offers you discounts anywhere from 10% to 60%. You have a choice of over 100,000 doctors too. My dentist is already in their plan too.

I know I need braces, and my dental insurance does not cover them (at least for adults, they don't). A discount dental plan will reduce my cost for braces. When I decide to invest money into my teeth, I know I will definitely be buying one of these discount plans. Why not try and save a couple of bucks?

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  1. It's amazing the costs incurred at Dental visits. I was lucky myself as a child and teen. I didn't have to have braces. I don't see my children being as fortunate.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    You quite right, we must make insurance teeth. I say from my own experience, I had terrible pain from a tooth and had no insurance because the tooth had to fork out a fistful of money.

    Because they are self-employed I chose to do my dental insurance independent. It is not so expensive, but when you have to go to the dentist and do not have insurance.

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