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Dentist Appointment Part II

You all may remember me posting about Madison last dentist appointment and how disastrous it was.  Today, we went to pediatric dentist, and I am still amazed how well she did.  I wouldn't have had to walk in back with her.  It went that well.  The dentist looked at her teeth and said they looked great.  There was no fighting, no pleading, no threatening.  She did what they told her.  They kept talking to her and asking her how her day was, how old she was, if she had siblings, etc.  I think that may have been what kept her calm and collected.  They also had a 500 gallon or so fish tank.  Madison loved that!  We then saw the dental hygienist, and she did everything that she asked her to do.  It was great.  I was completely impressed and am so glad we went where we did.

She ended up with a new toothbrush that has a suction cup on the bottom of it.  She got a tub of Crest for Kids and some floss.  She also got a prize and some stickers.  All I have to say is that you should take your kids to a pediatric dentist.  It really does make a difference!

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