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Devil's Advocate

Devils Advocate is one my favorite all time movies. This movie is about the choices we make and how they can effect every aspect of our lives. It is amazing how something as simple as buying cabinet knobs can change the outcome of someone's life, but it is true. Devils Advocate has an all star cast with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Charlize Theron. The story is about Keanu Reeves and the choices he has to make in his life. We are able to see that every choice has a consequence — some consequence worse than others. It is a great “what if” story. Without giving too much away, Al Pacino play Satan aka lawyer John Milton. I love the hat tip to the English poet who authored Paradise Lost (the poem detailed Satan's fall from heaven as well as Adam & Eve's fall from the Garden of Eden). This is rated R and definitely should not be watched with little ones around. However, once you get them to bed, enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Devil's Advocate

  1. I have this DVD and it is one of my favorites. It is a perfect example of what could happen when you are lead by greed, pride, and all manner of self gratification! I love this movie.

  2. This is an amazing movie worth watching for Al Pacino performance alone, His laugh is VERY creepy.

    Great movie, Thanks for writing about it.

  3. I loved this movie. This movie was pretty freaky. I find movies like this to be far scarier than horror movies because there is the element of "what if…" that it brings. What if this could happen? It is not so far-fetched, which makes it scary. Glad to meet a fellow fan.

  4. This is an awesome movie, one of my all time favorites. I haven't seen it in years, I may have to rent it this weekend now 🙂

  5. IMO the best movie ever!! Now that I've seen this I'll be thinking about it all day. From the first time I saw this movie I knew that I had to have that mural, the moving one, from behind his desk. That thing is awesome! Why can't science create something like that.

  6. Even for me that is all time favorite movie and I have a DVD in my personal collection and dont believe how many times I have watched it. It is actually about the way of thinking of a individual.

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