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DinoRoars Hatchlings

dinosaursFor the toddler who wants a pet, the DinoRoars Hatchlings are the perfect gift.  These dinosaurs respond to touch.  They move their heads and make prehistoric sounds.  They even come with a sheet of fun facts!  They require 3 (aff) triple A batteries and come in several varieties including triceratops (which is the one we have), T-Rex, Pterodactyl, and Stegosaurus.

Will, my 2 (aff) year old, adores this.  He thinks it is the coolest thing ever that it responds to him.  As soon as it starts moving, he starts giggling.  He then runs to go pet it again to get it to respond.  It's actually quite cute and funny to watch.

I can highly recommend this.  My kids are loving it, and they love that is responds to them.  It's cute and soft, and even though Will has dropped it several times trying to carry it around, it still works!  This would definitely make a great Christmas present.


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