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Dinosaur Books

Will and I came across some great dinosaur books we have to pass along. Will currently loves anything dinosaur, so these were a great hit in our house.
First, we have Dinosaur Numbers (aff).  This book had us counting dinosaurs one through ten.  Each page has a different number with great illustrations.  The illustrations make my three year old giggle, so they are a hit.  (We especially like #2 (aff)).  Each page (as the number goes up) also adds a dinosaur.  This book is great for a three year old, but was also nice for my six year old who is learning to read!

The next book is Dinosaur Opposites. This was another book that made my three year old giggle, and he loves it. Each set of pages has opposite words on it like short and long and weak and strong. The illustrations in this book are just as good.  Again, this is great for the younger crowd, but also for beginner readers.

If your kids like dinosaurs, these two books are a must read for them!  They are short with great illustrations that will hold almost any attention span.  They are also board books, so they can't be destroyed!

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Books

  1. These dinosaur books look great, think my daughter will love them. And the fact that it's a board book is a real bonus, it'll last much longer than many of the books have in our house!

  2. I need to get one for my son. He loves to play arround with dinosaur toys.
    Im trying to get him to read and this gave me a great idea. thanks // Renoir

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