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Dinosaur Train Extreme InterAction Alvin Giveaway!

Dinosaur Train, Dinosaur Train, I'm gonna ride . . . . . . The Dinosaur Train. That is a song that is often sung in my house, because we are Dinosaur Train fans. We love the show and all the toys and books that have come out. Dinosaur Train toys merge both dinosaur and train play for action-packed adventures. Your kids can create a world of prehistoric fun with collectible dinosaur figures, motorized train sets with lights and sounds, and InterAction figures that talk, sing, and roar together.

The newest figure – Extreme InterAction Alvin – comes to life around his Dinosaur Train InterAction friends; when one of them says the InterAction trigger word, Alvin crouches down low then launches forward at them. You don't have to have any other Dinosaur Train characters though. Alvin will work all on his own too. There is both a button on his head and on his back. He also has more than 50 fun dino sounds and phrases. All of the Extreme InterAction characters talk, sing, and move. It's like a dinosaur party when they all get together. Will enjoyed Alvin even though he jumped the first time that Alvin jumped at him. 🙂 He thought Alvin was pretty cool. The Extreme InterAction Dinosaurs are for kids 3 (aff) and up.

Since we are such fans of Dinosaur Train, I have arranged for one lucky reader to win one. Here's what you need to do:

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