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Dinosaur Train Play Event @ The Field Museum

My kids and I were invited to an awesome program at the The Field Museum.  My kids are huge fans of Dinosaur Train.  Heck, I am a huge fan.  The music is awesome, and your kids are learning without even realizing it.  Will even tries to sing along with the theme song!

Now, we were able to see some of the Dinosaur Train toys that will be coming out this fall for the Christmas season.  Let me tell you, you are going to want these:

As you can see, they've made toys of all the characters!  Want to know the coolest part?  They all talk and sing to each other.  If I could have snuck one out in my purse, I would have!  They were absolutely adorable and cute.  My kids loved them!  I know I'll be buying a few of these for Christmas this year!  (Now, I've seen toys that can sense others and react and they were in the $300 price range.  These toys will be affordable.  I asked.)

Not only did we get to play with awesome toys, but we got to meet Dr. Scott.  He's the brains behind the show, and if you are avid followers of the show, you'll know that he's in every episode:

We even got to meet Craig Bartlett — that's the guy who sings the Dinosaur Train Song!

I have to admit — this was one of the coolest events we've been too!  I hope that Dinosaur Train decides to come to the Field Museum again!

6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Train Play Event @ The Field Museum

  1. Wow, this looks like a blast! 😀 Very fun! What a great "behind the scenes" opportunity. Just stopping by on the Summer Blog Tour to say Hello. I hope you're doing well. Seeing your little ones, you may be interested LoobaLee – we'll be featured on the 7/29.

  2. Looks like your kids had a blast! Stopping by from the Summer blog Tour! Hope you had a great day 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Just stopping by on the Summer Blog Tour, I love this event. Sounds like you all had fun and dinos have to be my favorite learnng topic 😉

    Have a great day!


  4. wow the real dr scott the palientologist & buddy the tyranosaurus rex
    i hope i can see buddys sister & the conductor from the dinosaur train when i visit my uncle

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