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Dinsoaur Train Easter Fun!

If the Easter Bunny is coming to your house this year, I've got some great additions your kids' Easter baskets especially if they are Dinosaur Train fans! I know my 3 (aff) year old son LOVED all of these items:

First we have the Dinosaur Train: Hatchers by Uncle Milton. Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don all hatch from their eggs! (After watching the eagles in Iowa just hatch from their eggs, this was right up Will's alley). You put the egg in water and wait for it to crack (which can take 24 – 48 hours. As I learned, make sure your kids realize it won't happen right away. Otherwise, you get asked 2 (aff) million times if they've hatched yet!) The characters then hatch from the eggs. They continue to grow up to four times their hatching size. Once removed from water, characters shrink back to original size. To grow them again, just put them back in the water!
The Dinosaur Train: Mini Dino Projectors by Uncle Milton have to be Will's favorite. You place one of the six dino images on the flashlight holder, and you then can see it on any flat, hard surface you have like the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the side of the car (I won't admit to anyone doing that here LOL). The characters included are Buddy and Tiny, and you may even see some dinosaur footprints!
The Dino Track Discovery Pack is literally hours of fun for your kids. You lay out one of three sets of dinosaur footprints and follow the tracks to discover which character’s footprints you tracked. Are they Buddy’s, Tiny’s or Tank's footprints? Each footprint includes fun dinosaur facts about one of 30 different dinosaurs. Madison loves this, because it was easy enough for her to read. Mom loved it (that's me!), because my kids were learning and not even realizing it. Once you've reached the end of the trail and discovered who you followed, you then find the activity egg card for fun things to do with the whole family! This includes 30 footprint cards: 10 Buddy tracks, 10 Tiny tracks and 10 Tank tracks. I think my kids had as much fun putting the footprint cards down and guessing who they were tracking!

All three Dinosaur Train items were a hit in my house. My kids like Dinosaur Train, and these items were a welcome addition to the Dinosaur Train DVDs that we have!

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  1. I know about some little marbles that once they are in the water they increase their volume. I had a lot of fun playing with them in the office.

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