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Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs
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The Discovery Channel has another great show that I have to tell you about. It is called Dirty Jobs. This show is great since the whole family can watch it. The premise is pretty easy — people write in with the “dirty job” they have. Mike Rowe, the host, goes to their job site and does their dirty job for a day. It is amazing, because there are so many jobs out there that you never knew that existed. He has done everything from being a skull cleaner to a sausage linker to a hot tar roofer in the middle of summer. He's taken gum off the sidewalks, cleaned the gas tanks in planes, and cleaned the sewers in New York (at least, I think it was in New York). There was even a show with birds that puked on him.  They have never shown him get hurt (yet). However, we have seen some definite OSHA violations.  If you need to appreciate your job or want some great TV viewing, then tune in to Dirty Jobs.

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