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Dirty Sexy Money

**Spoiler Alert – If you haven't seen this week's show**

Honestly, this was one of the best episodes ever.  We found out which Darling kid wasn't Trip's.  I figured it was Brian, and I was right!!!  This will change everything!!  I recently heard that the network picked them up for more episodes, and I am so excited.  I figured they wouldn't make it Karen, because that would have been gross (with her and Nick's past).

I love that they are deeping deeper into Nick's relationship with his father too.  We get to see why Nick hates the Darlings, but can't help but to help them.  The previews for next week show Jeremy kissing Nick's wife (unless I saw that wrong and if I did, somebody please clear it up for me!).  I cannot wait!!!

Any other Dirty Sexy Money fans out there?

One thought on “Dirty Sexy Money

  1. I love the show. You saw correctly on the preview. That is pretty unbelievable. I wonder if it is just a "get back at Nick" move, or something more.

    I had not heard about them picking up more episodes, so that is fantastic news. I was afraid the show was going to disappear thanks to the strike and the fact that a set designer I know in LA said that the show is apparently very difficult to work on. That was passed on through a few people, so I am not sure how trustworthy it is.

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