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Dish Network

A month or so ago, we decided to change from DirecTV to Dish Network. For the same amount of money, we could get a lot more stations. They also offered some great packages, and you are allowed to change your package at any time without having to renew your contract. It isn't like buying condos for sale. You are allowed to change your mind. They have some good things and some not so good things I'd love to talk about.

First, the sales people spoke English. I could tell that they were here in the States. That shouldn't be a big deal, but I want the person I am talking to understand what I am saying. The tech people, well, you can tell they are reading from a script. However, the level 2 (aff) tech people are again from here, so no issues here.

Next, we have the top package because that's what Bill wanted. I don't think we watch it enough. It has a ton of stations. However, there are some stations that still aren't covered by the top package. I don't think that is right. If you have that package, you should get everything.

Next, the sales people conveniently forgot to mention the $10 a month programming fee. I was not happy to see that.

I also didn't care for the fact that we had to sign up for a 18 month contract.

Its not all complaints though. Their DVR has a huge learning curve (TIVO is easier to use), but is awesome. When the Bears game went into overtime, it still continued taping. My TIVO would have cut out. We have double the space too. We have 4 TVs and only 2 (aff) receivers. I love that they can hook it up like that.

Overall, there are definitely more plusses than negatives. I would definitely recommend them. If you decide to try them out, let me know and I can get you a code that will allow you to get some additional discounts!

EDIT:  We no longer have the $10 programming fee added to our bill, so disregard those remarks.

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  1. I'd be careful talking bad (or being honest) about DIRECTV! They are purely evil when it comes to suing site owners for telling the truth. They are a great company and in many ways they beat DISH, but don't mess with them.

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