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Disney, Disney, Here We Come

Yes, you heard me.  We are going to DisneyWorld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that you are done screaming with me, let me tell you all about it.  Due to some Christmas money, gift certificates, and money we didn't spend on Christmas, we were able to pull this off.  Disney is offering a buy 4 night get 3 (aff) free deal.  This also includes your park tickets.  Also, if you go before March 29th, you get a $200 gift card to Disney when you get there.  I was able to find airfare from Southwest for $78 each way for each of us.  To save a little money, we are making Will a lap baby (wish me luck on that one).

I was to Disney when I was 15, but haven't been back since.  This will be the first trip for Bill, Madison, and Will.  Madison is pretty excited.  Since I have a few weeks before we get to go, I'll be talking a lot of Disney.  🙂

However, Bill has already told me I am not allowed to pay for internet access while I am there, so you all will at least get a  little break from the Disney madness.

Tell me about your trips to Disney.  Anything we definitely need to do?  Any advice you want to give me?

10 thoughts on “Disney, Disney, Here We Come

  1. oh! you are planning to go to disney…that great. you will have great fun there.. as you wrote you was at disney when you were 15…then you must know you just have to enjoy there nothing else..is you want to enjoy there completely. forget all your life tensions at your office and home. dont bring them to disney with you .. good luck for disney..



  2. Wow!!! an excitement trip you must experience! Actually I described my disney adventure an unforgettable one, you should too!!. Having with your family will give you compete bonding and fun. And since you were just only 15 when you stepped at Disney, you could definitely compared it when you arrived there and could share stories for your sons…the before and afters…so enjoy!!

  3. AWESOME!! I loved Disney when we went 2 summers ago (You are getting a much better deal!!). I paid fot internet 1 day but it cost so much I didn't do it again!


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