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Disney FamilyFun Halloween

Do you want to be the talk of the town?  The FamilyFun Halloween magazine covers everything you need to be the coolest mom in town.  They have expert advice for families on the best crafts, costumes, recipes, and activities.  I have used this magazine in the past for ideas, and they all all good.  Most of the supplies are things you have in your house already.  They show you how to make costumes like the wicked witch, lego lover, pink poodle, perky penguin, alien encounter, smartie pants, etc.  If you don't have anybody to dress up, they have a whole section about decorating your yard with flowerpot pumpkins, lawn monsters, general bone e part, and ring around the ghostie!  My favorite is the ring around the ghostie.  They even have food you can serve like scrumptious skeletons, hot dog mummies, cheesy corns, and monster toes.

With Halloween right around the corner, the Family Fun Halloween magazine is a must get for the best Halloween ideas!

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