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Disney On Ice

I just realized I never told you all about our awesome trip to Disney On Ice.  This was a first for both Bill and I and the kids.  After having gone now, I can only highly recommend it.  It was awesome, kept the kids attention, and the tickets are worth every penny.  This was Will's favorite part of the show:

Some other great pictures:

As you can see, the show was awesome.  My kids loved it.  It was 100 Years of Magic, so we got to see all the Disney characters.  We will definitely be heading back next year!

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3 thoughts on “Disney On Ice

  1. Ice shows are so much fun. I still remember when my grandfather took me when I was little. I'm a mean cheap mom, because my kids haven't been to an ice show yet -lol-

  2. This looks like a wonderful show.

    Crystal and I took my Granddaughter to the High School Musical Disney on Ice last winter and it was a huge disappointment to us.

    Kaia thought it was 'okay' so I guess that's all that counts though. Attending is mostly about forming traditions with my family so we will go back for the next show – but I really hope the 100 Years of Magic comes to Vancouver this winter 🙂

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