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Disney Well Pretty Much Sucks

**PLEASE READ THIS FIRST:  This post was written at Disney when I hadn’t slept or ate pretty much in 3 days.  I’ve gotten some pretty horrible emails and forum posts about what a bad parent I am.  Should we have stayed home?  Hell, yeah.  Did we know it at the time?  NO.  My son had the same flu and kicked it out of his system in 24 hours which is what we thought would happen with her.  Why did we try the theme parks with her?  Because after she threw up, she was fine and acted fine (though looked a tad pale).  It wasn’t until Day 3 we knew we had a problem.  Was this Disney’s fault?  NO.  Never said it was, I just wanted someone to help us save our Disney vacation.  Just wanted a little Pixie Dust thrown our way, since all I ever hear is how Disney makes everything right.

I guess I am not allowed to be an upset mother who won’t be able to take another vacation for several years due to the cost of this vacation.  Excuse me for wanting my daughter to remember DISNEY not the hospital.  (And Disney did come through.)

Edited to add:  We have been sent to geneticist for her, so there was a lot more to this than we ever knew.  Everything you are ever told to give your child for the flu is the exact opposite of what we need to do for her.  We now have to carry special sugar to give her and carry a letter from the geneticist to tell the ER what they need to be doing.

Madison got out of the hospital tonight with no restrictions.  Yeah!!!!  Bad news — we only have 2 days left of vacation.  For us to stay an extra day (or more) unless somebody pulls some Disney magic out from somewhere, we can’t.  It costs way too much.

I’ll be honest, I am seriously disappointed.  We lose the tickets the days we went into the park and Madison got sick and we left.  We lose the tickets that we don’t use too.  We lost pretty much the entire dining plan too.  If we stay even one day later, we lose the dining plan even though we haven’t used one sit down meal yet.   I bought the travel insurance which supposibly covers some of this.  However, from my dealings so far, this is going to be pulling teeth to get them to pay.  I especially love that Disney sent us to Urgent Care that made us sit for 2 hrs before they told us they wouldn’t treat us.  They then sent us to Celebration Hospital who was much quicker but doesn’t deal with kids. We then were sent by ambulance to another hospital that was 25 miles away!!!!!  Let me tell you, its a $53 cab fare — each way!!!!

I asked Disney for help and was pretty much told — too bad for you.  Now, all I have heard since I let people know we booked this trip, is the Disney makes thing right.  Well, Disney, help me fix this.  I even asked if we could do something special for her tomorrow at Magic Kingdom and was told they wouldn’t help with that either.  Hell, I can’t even get the housekeeping to make animals with our towels.

I am tired of having sick kids since we got here.  I am tired of sitting in the hospital for 3 days.  I am tired, I am beat, and I want somebody to help salvage the next two days.  If anyone has any connections, please let me know and pull whatever strings you can.  I have a 5 year old that would certainly appreciate it.

I’ll be honest — right now, I don’t ever even want to come back.  That’s how disappointed I am right now.  I know they don’t have to do anything.  I get that.  But for them to not even try makes we want to crawl into bed and seriously cry which is where I think I may be headed now.

The next two days we will spend at Magic Kingdom.

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6 thoughts on “Disney Well Pretty Much Sucks”

  1. I am sorry that you have not had a very good trip. I wish I had a connection or someone to refer to you. Someone told me about a Disney Vacation Planner who is also in Texas when I went last month. I reached out to see if she knows anyone or has any advice for your situation. For what it is worth, I hope that you guys enjoy your last few days. I am sorry the first few were not very fun.

  2. wow, sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation. Disney is held in high regard for delivering an unforgettable experience. I guess they never say if the experience is good or bad. Maybe someone from Disney will see your post and make good on it.

  3. You're right, they aren't obligated, but it would be really nice if they did, and I'm REALLY surprised that they haven't. Fingers crossed someone pulls though…you'd think having been there over a dozen times I'd have some connections. 😛

  4. I'm really surprised they weren't more helpful since you didn't use the tickets, plus you had the insurance. Total bummer 🙁 Did you get something worked out for an extra day yet?

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