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Do you need a display?

Now that I have pretty much quit selling lia sophia, I come across a site that I could have certainly used. Why? Potomac Display sells all sorts of jewelry displays to use when you are doing shows. I saw several displays that would have worked well when I was doing my lia sophia shows. This site is one of the most comprehensive ones that have all the products I was using plus quite a few I wasn't. I would definitely direct any current lia sophia advisers to check them out. They also have all sorts of other kinds of displays too. For example, you can get pocket watch displays. I had no idea there was even a need for it, but they look really cool. You can also get displays to hold golf balls, baseballs, etc.  They are a one stop shop for all your displaying needs.

8 thoughts on “Do you need a display?

  1. May I ask why you are quiting Lia Sophia? I am actually browsing the internet, trying to find as much information as I can on this company. I am thinking of becoming an adviser, but want to be sure. I would love to know the good points as well as the bad points about the company.



  2. Ditto on Lisa's question…I am also browsing internet trying to find info because I am thinking of becoming an advisor…may I ask why you are leaving? Thanks! Elise

  3. I just signed up with Lia Sophia and I will tell you that it is a great company. They just have all around really nice stuff and the fact that they have a lifetime guarantee you cant go wrong.

    I also did a ton of research on the company and I could not find anything bad about them at all. My first party out the gate was over $800!!!

    Good Luck to you!

  4. I've been in direct sales for years, and this company has one of the highest show sales averages in the industry – which means more money in the advisor's pocket.

  5. I hate to hear that you are quitting lia sophia. I have been doing this for 15 months now, I am a star unit manager and it has been the greatest job I have ever had. Don't give up! Trish and Elise did either of you decide if you were going to sign up? I would love to talk with you and tell you everything you need to know about this company so you can make a well informed decision. This is all I do now and I get to stay home with my kids, please call me or visiti my website. 801-615-9869 – http://www.liasophia.com/doriodell. Lisa let me know if there is anything I can do to help you also.


  6. The reason I left is that I went on bedrest while pregnant with my son and gave away all my shows. When I went to go back, I realized that I no longer have computer access to the site and even though I paid for 6 months on my personal site, that was taken down also with no refund. I was on the fence about going back, but that pretty much cemented me not wanting too.

    I am currently making money blogging and I do some side work from some companies from home and am making more than I ever did from lia sophia. For me, it works better. I am selling a ton of my jewelry if you would be interested.

  7. Did you sell your jewelry off yet? I'm thinking of becoming an advisor, just trying to find out what the costs are and realistically if it would be a good job to get into. I LOVE the jewerly, so that's why I was looking into it. Thanks!

  8. Hi Jeanna,

    I am a Unit Manager with lia sophia and I have been doing this for two years now. I have turned this into a business and this is my only job now. I would love to talk more with you about the opportunity if you are interested in becoming an Advisor and I can answer all the questions you may have. I even offer and way for you to get started for FREE. This is a great time to get started with the new catalog and the holidays just around the corner. Please give me a call 801-615-9869 or you can email me at doriandken@hotmail.com so we can talk more about it. You can also go to my webpage at http://www.liasophia.com/doriodell. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


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