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Doctor Visit Update

I just realized that I never updated everybody on this.  Well, the GI doctor was a waste of my time.  He basically said that babies spit up.  Yeah, so about 2 (aff) hours of my time and several hundred dollars to tell me what I already know.

The reason I had to bring him in was because Will is eating 4 oz every two hours.  I called his peditrician and they sent me here.  We have been dealing with baby reflux since birth, so I thought they were just going to up his dose again.  Instead, they referred me.  Anything over 4 oz, and he would throw it up.   Well, the specialist told me that as long as he is gaining weight and growing not to worry about it.  I should give him more than 4 oz bottles and let him throw up.  Yeah, the whole freaking reason I called the doctor in the first place.

I'm glad he is fine.  I just wish I didn't have to spend the money for them to tell me what I already know.

3 thoughts on “Doctor Visit Update

  1. Our ped said the same thing when Cass had this problem and pretty much gave the same advice. Mine said that even though she threw up, she was retaining some nutrition or she would not be gaining weight, etc. etc.

    Then she started having bumps. Not always a full rash, but bumps here and there. Then she had an allergic reaction to some other things and I decided that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't a victim of reflux at all but that she might be allergic to her formula (which my ped NEVER mentioned as a possible problem). By this time we were several months in (upchucking all the way) and I told him I wanted to try soy milk. His reply was that it was not her milk as she had no other symptoms (what about the bumps?) but he would humor me and guess what? No more reflux.

    I'm not saying go against your ped's diagnosis and your experience may not be similar. I'm just sharing my own experience in case it helps someone else.

    Jan from Unique Baby Gear Ideas, Nursery Themes and Decorating Ideas

  2. It is annoying to have a doctor tell you what you already know. I know someone who's baby spat up alot of his bottle all the time now he is 7 months old and hardly ever spits up. Hopefully Will will outgrow it

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