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Dog Shampoo

DOS_LAV_8oz_135Nothing smells worse than a wet dog (okay, maybe a dirty diaper, but a dirty dog or a wet dog is a close second).  That being said there is product on the market that will actually make you want to wash your dog more made by Dinovite called Dogosuds. !  Yes, I said wash your dog more!  I know that a lot of people wait between baths so their dogs skin doesn't get so dry and flaky or when you do actually give him/her a bath, you can't get all the shampoo out of its fur.  Well, there is an all natural product out there for your needs.

This dog shampoo actually makes you dog smell clean for longer than a day (I know that this is a huge complaint of dog owners), and it works to even get skunk odor out! You can actually get the shampoo out of their fur when you rinse them off too!  It contains therapeutic grade oils that are okay for sensitive skin and won't dry their skin out.  Best of all, it is a natural flea deterrent!  This shampoo contains no chemicals, no perfumes, and no fillers either. It comes in four blends (Essential Oils, Lavender, Peppermint, and even unscented), so you should be able to find what you want.


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