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Don’t knock on my door . . .

Bill's mom kept Madison all night, so it was just me, Bill, and Will. I think we both realized how much easier it is when you have one kid verses two. Well, we were sleeping in this morning after Will's morning feeding. About 9:30, we woke up. Bill called his mom because we were suppose to be helping set up for his sister's party. While he was on the phone with her, the doorbell rang. He hung up quickly, because he thought it was his dad. Well, here's the part that pissed me off. It wasn't his dad. It was Jehovah's Witnesses. That would have been fine except for the fact that they continued to ring the doorbell until Bill answered. Will was sleeping. Key word there, WAS. You know, I understand you have to go door to door. Heck, we weren't even hiding. But come on, give us a chance to open the door! And I finally get a morning to sleep, and you go and wake me up!!!!

3 thoughts on “Don’t knock on my door . . .

  1. that is so rude…there really are so many better ways to convert people besides annoying the heck out of them

  2. I've been meaning to get a sign made up that says "No Solicitors or Bible Thumpers. Thank you." Should probably do that soon since summer is here.

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