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Don’t Prank Me at 6 am

I'm kinda freaked out right now.  Bill went to work early this morning which never happens.  About 15 – 30 minutes after he left, the phone rang.  The Caller Id came up as private caller.  Now, my number is one off from State Farm and a cab company, so we get a lot of phone calls at weird hours for them.  That is what I thought this was.  However, he knew my name.  Now, he woke me up so I forgot how exactly the beginning of the conversation went:
Me:  Hello
Pranker:  How are you today
Me: Who is this
Pranker:  This is Mr. Lucifer for Miss Lisa
Me:  You have the wrong number
Pranker:  Are you sure?
At this point, I hung up and called Bill.  He then informed me that the back door was not locked, and I should go do that.  I've been sitting here for about an hour now all freaked out and super tired.
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5 thoughts on “Don’t Prank Me at 6 am

  1. Wow! Freaky! I would have called my husband to get his ass home ASAP. Do you have a big dog? A gun? I would have made sure both were with me in the same room…with the doors and windows closed, locked and blinds shut in that room….

    …I'm super doper paranoid and cautious though. LOL

    Hope everything went okay.

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