Dr. G: Medical Examiner
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Dr. G: Medical Examiner

Dr. GDo you like CSI? If so, you will like Dr. G: Medical Examiner. You can catch this show on the Discovery Health Channel. Tonight, they are having a marathon if you have not seen this show yet.

This is the real life version of CSI. Dr. G is the head of the medical examiner's office in Florida's District Nine. You get to see what a medical examiner does. You also get to see the mystery that surrounds death. It is her job to figure out why a person died. You get to see real life stories that she encounters on a daily basis. It is nice to see a strong smart woman on TV.

I find this show extremely interesting. It is a little gross at times, so be prepared. However, if you like true “reality” TV, you will like show.

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