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Dr Visit Update

I took Will to the doctor this afternoon. He went from 7 lbs. 3 (aff) oz. last week to 8 lbs. 5 oz. this week. I guess he is not spitting up as much as it looks like he is. We adjusted his dosage, and we have to go back in a week for an update. Since he is gaining a lot of weight, they aren't too concerned with the spitting up.

The surprising thing that happened is that the doctor heard a heart murmur. We have to go see a pediatric cardiologist on July 26th now. I guess this is pretty common, but I am trying not to freak out. With everything that went wrong with the pregnancy, I thought we were finally in the clear. Right now, I think I just need to get some sleep, and I won't be so upset by this.

Anybody have any stories to make me feel better? Julie already emailed me hers, so thank you!

4 thoughts on “Dr Visit Update

  1. My Barrett (2 yrs) had that horrible problem when he was tiny. He had this horrid smelling and tasting medicine. I would lick my finger and dip in in sugar–give him his medicine and immediately stick my finger in his mouth–trying to chase that awful stuff. I finally gave out–and just used Mylanta! Good luck–poor baby–and poor mommy–get some sleep!!

  2. Yeah, the medicine smells yucky. I can only imagine how it tastes. He makes a funny face every time we have to give it to him.

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