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Driving while “inTEXTicated”

I got this in an email and have actually checked it out on Snopes to make sure it is real (and it is!  The only reason they are showing it as undetermined is that it just happened and it has not been proven in a court of law that the girl was driving while texting).  As a mother, I couldn't help but to cry when (aff) I saw these pictures.

An 18-year-old girl plowed directly into the rear of another vehicle. She was going 70 mph.  She apparently never even saw them. You see, she had been texting at the time. You can see that she hit them dead-center with no attempt to slow or evade the collision.


She hit dead-center on her 2008 Yukon SUV as well.  She escaped unscathed.


There was no blowout, no wet road, no curve or hill or fog to limit visibility.  This girl clearly should have been able to see the traffic conditions at least a half mile ahead had she been looking and not texting. She nearly killed a beautiful 3-year-old child!

Here's a personal look at the real human cost of texting while driving: Griffin before the accident.


Griffen the day after 4 hours of surgery to repair multiple skull fractures.  He would surely have died or been severely disabled had they not been minutes away (by StarFlight helicopter) from Austin's world-class children's Dell Children's Medical Center and neurosurgeon Dr. Timothy George.


Day 4 – watching a movie on his Dad's iPhone.  The swelling of his head will go away, but that scar from ear-to-ear will be with him forever.


Day 5 – feeling much better.  My granddad bought me my very own iPod and loaded it with movies.  Life is good.


It's almost unbelievable that it's been only five days since the accident that nearly claimed his life.  All the medical experts involved expect him to make a full recovery.  Pretty soon he'll be all healed up and back to normal – thank the Lord! In only six weeks he'll be allowed to be just as active as any other 3-year-old.


Phone company records of text messages are irrefutable and accurate to the second; so it would be an easy matter to prove in court that a person was texting at the time of an accident. As with drunken driving, a jail sentence (no matter the driver's age) should be mandatory whenever anyone is injured by an InTEXTicated driver.

I encourage you to forward this to all your friends. We must try to stop ‘Driving While InTEXTicated' before more innocent people are maimed or killed over something so stupid.

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31 thoughts on “Driving while “inTEXTicated””

  1. I never text while driving – I mean, how stupid!? How can you drive and completely not be looking at the road? Is your effing car supposed to drive itself!?

    That poor family … I'm so glad he made it.

  2. Here in Massachusetts, a 13 year old boy who was riding his bike was killed after being hit by a car. The driver of said car was texting.

    A woman who was supposed to be operating a Green Line trolley on the MBTA was killed when her trolley crashed into one in front of it. This would not have happened if she were paying attention and not ran the red light in the tunnel. Passengers on the train said that they saw the operator texting. Upon a check of the woman's cell phone records, police did find this to be the case. Now, any MBTA operator who is caught using a cell phone while operating a moving bus or train is subject to termination.

    I'm in favor of jail time, too. These people are just as impaired when they text while driving, as they are if they drink too much.

    Thank goodness that little boy will be okay.

  3. I had not heard about that. I just floors me how stupid people can be. Like what Christine before you said, how can you be watching what you are doing if you are typing into a keyboard!

    I don't think Illinois has any laws against this yet, but I hope they do.

  4. Glad to see their son is doing so well. I'd be glad to advocate for training for kids that is designed to prevent things like this from happening. Any chance that you know about such a group?

  5. In LA, a 14 year old girl, was hit by a car while crossing the road, and all because of 20 year old moron texting with his blackberry.
    Texting while driving definitely calls for severe punishment, instead of a couple of bucks fine.

  6. OMG, this is very horrible and terrifying indeed, Lisa. Thank goodness I never text any messages while I'm driving on the road.

    Hope that little boy will be recovered very soon…

  7. I have no words,only emotions.He is such a beautiful child. Such a terrible thing happened because of stupidity, the most annoying thing that the girl escaped unscathed. But nevertheless she had her lesson.

  8. I bought a speaker for my car so I can talk when I drive without holding a phone or trying to dial. I can tell the phone to call someone. My bf just replaced the stereo in his truck with one that you can use it to talk on the phone. I personally think it should be banned to be holding a phone while driving. It is in a few counties near me but not all yet.

  9. this will be a huge scar for the kid as well as the 18 year old teenager who has made the most outrageous mistake.Hope for the kid to be well!

  10. I got this email the other day too and was thinking of posting. The more people that know the better, this poor family didn't deserve to have to go through this all because of a stupid driver. They should make using phones completely illegal while driving. I'd like to see the cops really crack down.

  11. This is only one example of the problem. How many other accidents are caused by this? We need laws to regulate the use of cell phones in vehicles. Too many people have died or been injured. Lets write our government officials. That why they get paid.

  12. Legalize phone jammers; flip a switch and everyone within 100 yards phone loses the signal. Tired of being stuck behind some jerk on the phone, legalize phone jammers.

  13. This is just sad, pointless and stupid. People need to really pay attention to what they are doing. Isn't it a no brainer not to text while driving? Hope they really sock it to her for her stupidity.

  14. Ugh.

    a man that goes to church with my mother was almost killed by a 20-something year old girl who happened to be texting at the time.

    There is something seriously wrong with anyone who uses a cell phone while they are driving, having a meal, or in the company of another human being. using a cell phone while you're 'hanging' out with a friend means that whatever is coming in on that cell phone is leagues more important that the person standing there in real life. not only that but how could anyone be as naive to think that some message on a cell phone is more important than the fucking road in front of you.

    Cell phones and internet 'social' networking sites have made the act of speaking of an event more important than the event in the first place. suddenly its more important to talk online or on a cell phone about something you did than to actually do that thing. uh duh.

    i don't have a cell phone and i refuse to ever own one because everyone i see with one looks like a jackass. if you have a cell phone and you don't turn it off while you're driving, working, eating or spending time with an actual human being, you're a retard.

  15. In a lot of places now you can get pulled over for being on your phone while driving, that would include texting or calling. Driving while on the phone is bad enough, now we have to worry about people driving and texting too. I'd love to know what the heck is so important that it can't wait until you get to where you're going.

  16. All of you people need to calm down. You seem to be angered by the fact that a small child was injured in this accident but is it any different than if a convicted child molester had been injured that badly? No, it's not. Before you advocate the authorities controlling yet another facet of your lives try to fix the problem yourself. But don't ask the government to intervene. By the way, this statement– "You can see that she hit them dead-center with no attempt to slow or evade the collision."– should be deleted because there is obviously no way this can be proved simply by looking at the picture. How do we know what actions the texter took before the collision? Y'all should chill out.

  17. I do transcriptions for auto insurance companies, and I can't tell you how many times people have been in accidents because they were busy texting. There's just no way you can pay enough attention to the road to be safe and text someone at the same time.

  18. Apparently Daniel sends and receives text messages while he drives because people usually don't comment like that unless they are guilty of the crime.

    When people start comparing texting while driving to drinking and driving, we have a serious problem on or hands and the unfortunate side effect is that the government has to get involved and create new laws that prevent these actions.

    I am definitely not an advocate of big government and creating new laws, but in this case I am all for it.

    The only way to start to get a handle on the situation is to start treating it just like drunk driving and having severe penalties and fines for a first, second, third and soforth offense.

  19. people dont realize how dangerous texting and driving really is, especially teens- untill they cause an accident. There are thousands of fatal accidents from people texting and driving and in my opinion there is no text that is more important than a life.

  20. How did this child get such severe injuries?

    Was he properly secured/strapped in a booster seat?

    Where was he sitting and how was he positioned? What happened to the other passengers?

    Most important of all, where is the link to the original story?

    We can't prevent irresponsible, inconsiderate and self-centered people from doing stupid things that endanger lives of others, but we can make sure we are not the ones who contribute to the tragic effects of their actions.

  21. I got chills reading this and seeing the photos. I have a two year old son and my heart goes out to that family. Thank God that child is able to completely recover. I think it's ridiculous that people can't wait or talk on the phone instead of texting while driving! This is just as bad and should be punished just the same as drinking while being intoxicated. Thanks for sharing!

  22. What the hell with a cell phone. I have no words,only emotions.He is such a beautiful child. Such a terrible thing happened because of stupidity, the most annoying thing that the girl escaped unscathed. Laws should be strictly followed to avoid these types of accidents.

  23. That 18 year old moron should never be allowed to drive again in her life. I hope someone paralyses her in a car crash, she deserves it, unless piece of trash.

  24. life insurance atlan

    man, those photos are harsh! I can't believe that a beautiful little boy can look like that… that is so sad, really… holler to all the responsible moms out there, this one's for you!

  25. In the UK it is illegal even to hold a phone in you hand while driving. If caught, the fines are pretty amazing, not to mention the possibility of prison.

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