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Why Are You Driving To New York Instead Of Flying?

As many of you know, my family and I are heading to New York this summer to help the economy.  🙂  Okay, more seriously, we are going to visit my sister-in-law and her new baby (he was born on March 1st).  However, I didn't want to fly for many reasons.

I don't care how many times everybody keeps saying they don't pat down kids.  I have seen 100s of videos on YouTube where they have.  Except, I would be getting arrested, because I couldn't stand there while they fondle my kids (security my ass.  More like security theater.)  So I take my money where my mouth is — we are not flying.  Also, you have crap like this (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-belkin/children-on-airplanes_b_1492051.html) where you have people who take their position to the extreme.  I don't need that crap.    Plus, flying would cost us a ton of money.

We had many reasons to drive besides not wanting the TSA patdown.  It is cheaper to drive even with gas as expensive as it is.  As a family, we drive to Green Bay all the time.  However, my kids haven't really gone anywhere else.  After our disastrous trip to Florida without a car several years ago, we learned the importance of having a car.  (We flew on that trip before all these stupid TSA rules were in play).  Plus, we are looking at sightseeing along the way, so my kids can see more of the country!  Lastly, we are being loaned a Cadillac Escalade.  That vehicle alone is worth driving!  To be honest, a Cadillac Escalade gets around the same gas mileage as the van I drive everyday.  Plus, there are some features it has that my van doesn't like 3 DVD players.  I wish we were a family that could all get along on a car ride.  We are not.  Instead, I have no problem flipping on a DVD and with 3 players, there is no fighting over what movie we are watching (WOOOHOOOOO!!)  Some other really cool features are GPS (which I need), satellite radio, heated and cooled seats, and cooled cupholders.  The really cool thing is that since it seats 8 adults, both families will fit in here for any sightseeing we do in New York.  (There are about 100 cool features that the Escalade has, but these were the ones I cared about the most!).

I am super excited for our trip.  Are you flying for your summer vacation?  Why or why not?

4 thoughts on “Why Are You Driving To New York Instead Of Flying?

  1. Funny you should ask. Just today I have been weighing the fly or drive question. Next month I'm going to Type-A Parent Conference. Driving the 10 hours would be less expensive, but none of our vehicles can make the trip. I just don't know if I can swing the airfare though. I need a travel sponsor 🙂

  2. I flew back in August for my Green Giant Valley Visit and had no problems. However, I definitely understand your reasons. I don't plan to do any flying this summer (unless something comes up). I think flying is very expensive and would rather drive as well.

  3. Driving is a good choice because you get to see other things along the way! Of course-3DVD players is something you can't go wrong with either 🙂

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