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Duck’s Alphabet

My kids love to play on the computer, so I am always on the lookout for games for them to play. I want something they will have fun with, but I also want them learning at the same time. Duck's Alphabet does just that. This is a game that Will (my 3 (aff) year old) absolutely loves to play, and it is easy enough for him to do it by himself. If you even try and help him, he tells you “I do it”. Duck’s Alphabet is a series of fun, interactive songs and games designed to help children ages 2 (aff)-4 learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet. At beginning, there are 26 presents to pick from and each present has a “letter” in it. Children are initially introduced to a letter sound through the presentation of an age-appropriate object and then support Duck through a series of challenges as he continues to explore the shape and sound of each letter. Once children have completed all of the challenges in a game-isode, they win a printable letter prize to color, collect and display. After completing all 26 game-isodes, children win a complimentary WordWorld television episode! Something that happened at my house is that Will sang and talked with it! For a kid who is speech delayed, this website is something we could really use!  This is definitely a site a recommend checking out if you have little ones ages 2 (aff) – 4!

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  1. this is a great site. I work with small children, pre K, and they adore Ducks Alphabet. I must say that it always cheers me up too!
    Another software that they love is ClickN Kids. I did a review of this one on the ABCD-for-Kids site.
    Keep having fun and I hope that Will is doing well.
    Bye for now

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