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Dude, Where’s Your Wedding Ring?

Bill and I had a date night out on Friday night.  We were eating breakfast (kid free) on Saturday morning, and our conversation went something like this:

ME:  Where's your wedding ring?

BILL:  I lost it.  Like 2 (aff) years ago.

ME:  WHAT!!??!!

Now, we were in a restaurant so I couldn't have a huge hissy fit, but my god!  Everyone who I've talked too thinks it is funny that I didn't notice for 2 (aff) years.  However, you have to understand that on many job sites, Bill isn't allowed to wear his band.  He also takes it off golfing.  And seriously, how often do you check your husband's hand?  (I know you all went and checked right now.  Admit it.)

I'm like why didn't you just go buy a new one, and I would have never known.  His response was that I pay the bills, and therefore would see that charge.   When I asked him when he was going to tell me, you will never guess his response.  When I noticed.

And let me tell you, wedding bands are way more expensive now than they were 8 years ago  . . . . Feel free to laugh at my in the comments.

Disclosure:  I don't normally blog about fights we have, but I have permission from the idiot husband to post about this.

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7 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s Your Wedding Ring?

    1. I remember reading that on your blog. And I'm sure you told Allison right away too 🙂 It's not even worth making a claim on it. I'll just have to buy him a new one.

  1. I still think it's kind of funny. I check Alex's hand all the time & he does the same to me. I got yelled at more then once last week for not having mine on.

  2. A few months may have been annoying, but two years is worth it just for the anecdote, frankly. Thanks for the laugh!

    I find those who need to take it off out of practicality (a pottery hobby, work requirements, swelling fingers, etc.) are all the more likely to have the habit fall by the wayside. My partner is in danger of falling into this category for all of the above reasons, but recently demanded we turn the car around to retrieve it before a rough day at work! There may be hope yet.

  3. I wouldn’t dare to take off my wedding band. Aside from the fact that my wife would be very much upset if I’d lose it, purchasing a new band is surely costly. 🙂

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