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Early Halloween Parties

Yes, we have already started celebrating Halloween.  That happens when you have a little one in preschool.  Since I have to dress Madison up anyway, I threw Will's costume on too.

This would win any 2 (aff) and under cutest costume contest, right? I love this costume. It does come with a cute little hat. However, no matter how hard I try, he won't keep it on. Madison came home (aff) already with an entire bag of candy from preschool. She's already figured out how to sneak some of it already too! They trick or treated in her preschool building. Plus, all of us parent brought candy too! I do feel the need to smack the parents that brought pure sugar candy. Trust me, Madison does not need sugar to bounce off walls. You can only imagine how she is with sugar.

Madison would win for cutest costume 3 (aff) and up, don't you think?  I love this costume.  It sucks that I caught the window glare in her glasses, but she looks super cute in her Cinderella costume.  It is suppose to be in the high sixties tomorrow, so we shouldn't have to wear our coats out trick or treating.  We then are meeting at my sister-in-laws and going trick or treating by her house.  We also have a Halloween party on Saturday.  We have quite a busy couple of days just to celebrate Halloween!

Though I'd have to say that the best photo I took so far, I took at her preschool today:

She looks so excited and happy!  What are you doing for Halloween?

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  1. Trick or treating! We are going to my mother's neighborhood to trick or treat with all the cousins! Can't wait to get the picture of everyone in their costumes! Be Safe!

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