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Since I haven't been home (aff) in two days since I went to the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event, I have a ton of things I should be doing like cleaning and laundry.  However, I am doing none of those.  Instead, I am looking at hutches and other things for my kitchen (shhh, don't tell Bill).

As many of you may know (and for those of you who do not), I have a huge kitchen.  I think it is about 15×17 or something like that.  However, my cabinets stink (to the point, I have to turn my plates sideways to get them in there), so I am always in the market for something that will make my life easier and add value to my kitchen (and make it look pretty too).

I always like to look at hutches (which eBuffet.com has), but the way my kitchen is configured, they are really hard to fit in there. I have 4 windows that make life difficult (I have an extra garden window in there too, but that doesn't count). However, after checking out the hutches, I took a peek at the buffet furniture. I saw a ton of buffet table furniture that I would absolutely love. Here are two of my choices:

What do you think of my buffet cabinets choices? I like them both though I think I like the first one better. What I love about these cabinets the most is that they come with free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee (they know the way straight to my heart). I can only imagine how much shipping these heavy items from other companies would cost! I love that if I don't like it, I can send it back!

Now, I just have to talk Bill into remodeling the kitchen.  Anybody want to give me a hand with that?

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