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Ecostore Spray Cleaner


Having two small children in my house, I am always looking for products that are not made with unhealthy chemicals.  It seems like every time I turn around, there is some report about a product that was once considered safe (like who knew we were washing our kids with harmful chemicals!).  It has gotten to the point that we need to go back to the natural products that we don't have to worry about.  All of Ecostore's products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients.

I recently tried out Ecostore's Spray Cleaner.  It works on pretty much every surface.  When diluted,  it even works on mirrors and glass!  Now, I had the best test of this last week.  Now, if you follow me on Twitter, you will already know what happened.  If you don't, please keep reading.

I was in the bathroom for maybe five minutes, and Madison (my 5 year old) handed me her glasses.  She told me they were dirty.  I took a look at them and realized that they weren't dirty.  She had stuck them in cold bacon grease that was on top of the stove.  I immediately ran to the kitchen.  Madison had covered my stove, my kitchen floor, her brother (who is 1), and herself in bacon grease!  When asked why, she said she thought it would be fun.  Now, getting cold bacon grease off the kids was easy.  Getting it off of everything they touched, well that was another story.  It isn't like you can just wipe it off (trust me, tried that).  After I tried using water, I pulled out my Spray Cleaner and was happily surprised that it worked!  I was able to clean off my stove and have it looking like brand new.  It also has a great lemony scent which masked the bacon smell perfectly!

I can only recommend this Spray Cleaner after my bacon experience.  If it can clean that up, it can clean anything!

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