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eebee's Mix & Mash

From the time our kids are little, they are wanting to be in the kitchen with us.  eebee's Mix & Mash is a great book for you for great adventures in your kitchen.  It is a board book, so even the littlest ones can't wreck it (It's for kids  months and up).  Will likes to go through this book and point out all the babies to us.  The other cool part is that eebee's Mix & Mash is actually a baby food cookbook.  It has 12 recipes in there for you to make for your kids that they will love.  Every recipe is easy enough that your little one can actually help you make it.  There is everything from tof-ee finger food to blueb-eebee soup in here.

eebee's Mix & Mash is a great book for both little ones and adults too!

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