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One of the companies I got to meet with when I was at the International Housewares Show was elizabethW. The cool thing was that I got to learn the background story of the company while I checked out their awesome goods.

The company was named after Elizabeth Wightman. This is the owner's, Albert, great grandmother. She had a ranch in the Sierra Nevadas in the 1800s. As a child, Albert spent time there and remembers mostly the scents from that experience. That is why in 1995 he walked away from being successful architect and started a purfumery in 1995.

Want to know what impressed me most about elizabethW's products? The story is cool, yes. However, everything they sell is handmade. Yes, handmade!!! That is why the finest boutiques, spas, and resorts around the world carry his products. They are truly one of a kind products that make you feel special. The scents are not overwhelming yet are definitely there.  They have so many products that you find something for everyone.  (I did try out their lip balm, and it has been some of the best lip balm I've ever used.  You apply once, and I didn't find myself having to apply it again all day!  Normally, I feel like I have to reapply once an hour).

If you want a quality product, check out elizabethW.  I was impressed, and you will be too!

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  1. wow, I love handmade gifts. I took a peek at the website.. wowzier everything is so elegantly packaged. I know where I will shop for special gifts.. lots of bath and beauty products.. and the candles scents are awesome

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